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BASCOE Reanalyses

Data files are hosted by BIRA-IASB and can be downloaded from the FTP server at

Two sets of BASCOE reanalyses were produced in the framework of the GSE-PROMOTE project:

  • BASCOE Analyses of UARS/MLS (1992-1999) i.e. BASCOE_MLS_v4q09
  • BASCOE Analyses of Envisat/MIPAS (July 2002 - March 2004) i.e. BASCOE_MIP_v4q30

A third set of BASCOE reanalyses was produced in the framework of the MACC project:

  • BASCOE Analyses of AURA/MLS (Aug 2004-Feb 2009) i.e. BASCOE_AMLS_q02.13REAb

BASCOE reanalyses BASCOE_MLS_v4q09 and BASCOE_MIP_v4q30

Daily analyses are archived as gzipped HDF-4 files.
Filenames are of the form: BASCOE_iii_version_yyyymmddHHmm.hdf
where iii is MIP for Envisat/MIPAS and MLS for UARS/MLS, version is an identifier of the version of BASCOE used for the run, and yyyymmddHHmm is the validity time.

The files contain the following attributes and data:

Name Description data type Units Size
Contact Person of contact character -- --
BASCOE_version Version of BASCOE, eg 'v4q30' character -- --
BASCOE_run_label Version of BASCOE, eg 'MLS', 'MIP' character -- --
BASCOE_mode Mode of BASCOE: 'CTM' for days without observations, else '4D-VAR' character -- --
time Number of days since 01-Jan-2000 0UTC (MIPAS) or since 01-Jan-1991 0UTC (MLS) float Days 1
time_string Time in the form 'dd-mmm-yyyy hh:mm:ss' character Days 20
longitude Longitude [0 to 355] float Degree 72
latitude Latitude [-90 to 90] float Degree 49
pressure Pressure grid float hPa 72x49x37
o3_mix Ozone float Volume Mixing Ratio 72x49x37

BASCOE reanalysis BASCOE_AMLS_q02.13REAb

WARNING: Only daily analyses valid at 12h UT for the entire year 2008 are available online on the above-mentioned ftp-server as gzipped HDF-4 files. 12-hourly data covering the entire period of the reanalysis can be obtained upon request to

Filenames are of the form: AMLS_q02.13REAb_yyyymmddHHmm.s0104.hdf with yyyymmddHHmm the validity time.

Besides data for the assimilated species (O3, N2O, H2O, HNO3, HCl, and HOCl), the files also contain the chemical output of 19 non-assimilated species, amongst which ClONO2, CH4, Cl2, ClO, ...