Evaluation of MACC Reanalysis: comparison with BASCOE NOx reanalysis of MIPAS

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The figures below allow preliminary monitoring and evaluation of the REAnalysis product by the coupled system IFS-MOZART using a comparison with the BASCOE analyses of Envisat-MIPAS level-2 data.

NOx mass mixing ratio at 10 hPa

Discussion of the evaluation figures

During the period 2002-07-15 to 2004-03-31, BASCOE assimilated MIPAS observations including NO2. These NO2 analyses were validated against independent POAM3 and HALOE observations (Errera et al., 2008). The MACC reanalysis, on the other hand, does not assimilate any observation of stratospheric NO2 and can be considered as model output for that species in the stratosphere.

The MACC reanalysis starts with seriously overestimated NOx in the Southern (summer) hemisphere. This overestimation repeats itself in the next summer seasons but slowly fades away - which is normal model behaviour in these circumstances. Hence, for stratospheric NOx, it is recommended to not use the MACC-REAnalyses, at least not before year 2005.