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Evaluation of CAMS o-suite against BASCOE

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o-suite BASCOE Relative difference
o-suite - BASCOE / BASCOE
at 1 hPa
at 50 hPa
at 100 hPa
total column


  • The BASCOE analyses can have larger errors than the CAMS analyses, especially in the lower stratosphere (100 hPa).
  • The BASCOE analyses are not fully independent, because AURA/MLS is assimilated by CAMS as well. As shown by the large differences at some pressure levels, and by the variations of these differences with time, this evaluation method is still efficient. This is due to the differences in physical and assimilation models, data filtering and assimilated Aura-MLS dataset (CAMS: NRT retrievals of ozone only; BASCOE: standard retrievals including 5 other species).



Since the current CAMS o-suite does not assimilate nitrogen oxides in the stratosphere and has no suitable chemistry for these species, the comparison with BASCOE is not relevant.