TM3DAM NRT implementation

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KNMI is responsible for the NRT delivery of TM3DAM NRT data, that will be used as an independent model in the validation of the stratospheric composition products delivered by MACC.

The NRT TM3DAM product displayed on this website is the ozone total column analysis of Envisat/SCIAMACHY (until March 2012) and GOME-2 (April 2012 - NRT) by the TM3 Data Assimilation Model. It is run in the following configuration:

  • The following species are assimilated: total O3 columns.
  • Global horizontal grid with a 3° longitude by 2° latitude resolution.
  • Vertical grid is hybrid-pressure and consists in 44 levels extending from 0.1 hPa to 100 hPa.
  • Dynamical fields from ECMWF operational 6-hourly analysis.
  • Valid analysis time at 00,06,12,18 UTC, latency time is 2 days.

More details and bibliographic references on TM3DAM can be found in the online TM3DAM documentation.


Valid date


2013-09-24 Data valid every 6h are available on this site.
2012-04-01 TM3DAM assimilates GOME-2. Valid analysis time at 21 UTC