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5 Sep 2011: Service News: New release of the MACC stratospheric ozone service webpage

This website ( has been revamped. Since our last release exactly one year ago, a lot has changed and we have extended our website to prepare for the operational phase of the GMES atmospheric service. Some services have been improved, other ones are totally new:

NRT products > Browse plots > Snapshot maps

Whereas analyses snapshots were previously only available for ozone on a global projection, they are now also available in NRT for other species involved in chemical ozone loss (e.g. NOx, HCl, HOCl, HNO3, H2O, N2O) and on polar stereographic projections, showing separately the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere.

Daily updated maps have become available for IFS-MOZART, BASCOE, SACADA, and TM3DAM. Maps of total ozone columns are no longer separated from those at vertical levels, but they are now available (at the same location) as a special level.

Under each plot, there is a direct link to the corresponding page. Such links may be used to communicate quickly specific results, e.g. by email. There is also a link to the snapshot comparison tool, allowing you to compare the chosen plot with up to 3 other snapshot maps (see below).

NRT products > Browse plots > Time latitude

Daily updated time series are now available for all streams that are currently set up at BIRA-IASB. We are working on the inclusion of additional fields (apart from O3 and NOx) for IFS-MOZART.

NRT products > Browse plots > Comparison tool

This tool allows quick and easy comparisons of the different systems, species, levels, projections, dates... Here is a small example.

Reanalysis online

Under "Reanalyses > Browse plots", you can now browse the monthly averaged maps, yearly time series as well as the complete time series for the entire period 2003-2009 for the MACC reanalysis by IFS-MOZART.

Online evaluation reports

For the latest available evaluation report, please have a look at Validation reports page.