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7 Apr 2011: MACC releases a video showing the evolution and weakening of the 2011 "ozone hole" in the Arctic

BIRA-IASB created a video clip illustrating this phenomenon (click on picture above to see at full resolution, or on this link to see it on YouTube). The right globe shows, from 20 February until 4 April 2011, the ozone abundance in the lower stratosphere where ozone depletion is most intense. One sees that this "ozone hole" reached Scandinavia at the end of March and is now weakening. It will disperse in the coming weeks. For comparison, the left globe shows the situation for the same period in a more common year (2010).

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The data comes from ECMWF and is generated for the European project MACC, in which BIRA-IASB is in charge of the stratospheric ozone service. These results combine several satellite instruments within a new "chemical weather" model named IFS-MOZART and developed by ECMWF and the Jülich Research Centre. The 3-D fields are then interpolated to the 470K isentropic level in order to follow the vertical movements of the air masses in the lower stratosphere.

This announcement completes those issued earlier, e.g. by KMI-IRM in Belgium (contact: Hugo De Backer), AWI in Germany, IO3C and WMO at the international level. Click on these links to get further scientific information about this event.